Consumers have been the driving force towards green in all areas and the bedding industry and more specifically latex mattress manufacturing has recently been touched. Latex Green is a highly regarded sleep products supplier. They have now received both the USDA and European authorities’ approval for their extensive efforts in recent years which have now resulted in a “Certified Organic Latex” product for them.

Latex Green and their distributor Latexco West/Sleep Comp West have the honor to bring the world’s first Certified Organic Latex bedding components to the United States as the end result of several years working to attain this goal. Latex Green has taken remarkable steps over the past four years to achieve this highlight by undertaking very strenuous guidelines concerning the certifications of plantations they are linked to for their source of latex.

Not a simple feat, the process involved proper site selection, completely free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, examination of the water supply, soil type and condition of soil, even including consistent airflow so the crop was enhanced by maximum use of carbon dioxide. Some of the desirable attributes of the latex mattress that have caused the public to become such fans over the past 15 years are as follows:

  • Dust mite resistant
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial
  • Completely contours to full body giving total support needed especially to the shoulder and hip areas
  • Can be purchased in an all natural or a blended latex to suit your firmness preference
  • Resilient and returns to its natural form immediately
  • Mattress can be made in several layers with different firmness so you can switch them around to suit your best sleeping comfort and additionally each layer can be made “duplex style” where each partner selects the firmness choice on their side of the mattress
  • Never needs turning or flipping
  • Longer lasting than conventional mattresses
  • Sleeps cooler in summer and warmer in winter

The consumer reaction in the U. S. to the Latex Green accomplishment has been that they are quite pleased to see this product available and demand has initially exceeded supply. Latex Green has plans in place to address this so the phase-in will be smooth. Those plans include additional locations for their sources.

Certainly the concentrated additional steps in this totally green latex mattress process will have a cost and that cost will be reflected in mattress prices because it will be passed along from point to point in the chain from field to factory to retailer to customer. Only the future will tell to what degree consumers will choose green but they now have a choice to take it to the highest level with the purest of the pure “natural latex”.

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