Business can be cold hearted and for many companies their bottom line boils down solely to the dollar made. But what is that dollar really worth if it was made at the expense of the customer – especially if chances are slim and none that the customer will ever do repeat business with you or refer customers to you because of their overall dissatisfaction in dealing with your company and the product they received?

When was the last time you dealt with a place of business and left feeling………

  • they really listened to you and tried to address your needs?
  • they drew you out with additional questions to get to the heart of what you were trying to accomplish?
  • they took whatever time necessary to show you or tell you what they had to offer you?
  • they were forthright and very thorough in their answers to your questions?
  • if they didn’t have an answer they told you so and promised to research it for you?
  • they didn’t try to high pressure you into a decision to buy that you weren’t quite ready to make?
  • they delivered the product as promised to you?
  • they treated you after the sale with the same interest and concern for your satisfaction as before the sale?
  • they made it right if by chance they didn’t get it right the first time?

If your company got immediate customer reviews each day on these items how would it rate?

There’s nothing better than a satisfied customer who spreads the word with great enthusiasm about your business. And there’s nothing worse than an unhappy customer that spreads negativity about your business. It costs a lot financially in this day and age to advertise and bring the customer to your place of business in order to have the opportunity to make the sale. Wouldn’t it be nice if all businesses thought about how they “really” treat their customers so they could build a happy, loyal, satisfied customer base who acted as an army of “foot soldiers” for the company… spreading the word. Building longevity in a business is strengthened by solid customer satisfaction.

The “old fashioned way of true customer service” does still exist with Sleep EZ. We’d like you to be the next to experience it.

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