If you have visited internet sites recently in your search for a latex mattress and read the “all natural stories” on organic latex mattresses you might want to make sure you know the facts about ” natural latex” vs “blended latex” before you buy. Many new sellers of the all natural latex or organic latex mattress have arrived on the scene in recent years and the information they provide may fall short of truly and fully informing the consumer.

The best latex process used over the past 30 years to create latex mattresses has been “blended latex using the Talalay method”. This process results in the best possible latex in terms of product durability, consistent cell structure which translates to equal firmness throughout the mattress, contour comfort in adapting to your body, and air circulation in the mattress.

Consider the statement that blended Talalay in latex mattresses has a great percentage of synthetic latex which is made with petroleum by-product and is harmful to your health. Let me put that in perspective since it sounds a little scary. Here are a few every day items of over 5000 products that contain petroleum by-product: Clothes, eyeglasses, detergents, telephones, cameras, bandages, drinking cups, crayons, dentures, refrigerators, golf balls, toothpaste, dishes, ice chests, sun glasses, balloons, combs, vaporizers, paint brushes, soft contact lenses, CD’s and DVD’s.

Blended latex is not harmful in any way. The Talalay process delivers the benefits of an added consistency and strength to any natural latex it is blended with. Blended latex gives the most superior comfort and has a more lively feel due to the air infusion than any type of latex mixture produced with another process called Dunlop. Dunlop, also known as the standard latex process, produces a more dense and less contoured feel when you lie down on the mattress.

The Talalay process is more expensive and there are only 3 manufacturers in the world that do this manufacturing process which includes two additional steps not found in the Dunlop method. The synthetic is blended to make the natural more “elastic” to stretch and recovery. After the natural latex and synthetic latex mixtures are blended a vacuum expansion and freezing are performed. These two additional steps give the latex better air flow, longer lasting strength, uniform cell structure and a softer more contoured feel while still giving full mattress support. These are key benefits you will want in your mattress and need to consider in choosing the right latex mattress.

The final best choice will be what feels most comfortable to you. Buying the all natural or organic could mean you give up the benefits you were really looking for. So don’t be afraid of the synthetic blend……in my opinion it’s the best value for your money.

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