If you are living with back pain and other discomfort when you wake up in the morning have you looked at what you’re sleeping on? You can banish the fear of buying a new mattress only to find it’s not the comfortable feel you wished for. Now you can buy a latex mattress layered in three or four layers and configure it with your own choice of firmness in each layer. How great is that!

If you are new to the world of a latex mattress you should know latex has been around for about 80 years as a great cushioning material and was adapted for mattresses because of its great benefits. Besides some of the well-known facts about latex such as its hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, keeps its shape, springs back to its original form immediately, and molds to the contour of your body giving you full support one of the greatest benefits is it gets you off a mattress that has coils and springs pushing against you all night. These are called pressure points and you won’t experience that ever on a latex mattress.

Latex comes in several different selections from a totally all natural “green” latex to a blended latex. You can read more about this. Some of the common names are Dunlop natural, Dunlop blended, Talalay natural and Talalay blended. These come with a numerical rating that tells you how firm or soft the latex is. Layers of Dunlop finish out at 3″ and layers of Talalay finish out at 2.8″ in thickness.

So in configuring your mattress you’ll first want to make sure you’re dealing with a company that uses all latex and not synthetic foams inside the mattress. Let’s say you’re average height and weight for a male or female and you like a medium feel on your mattress but would like that “softer” feel on top. You choose a lower profile mattress with three layers and you select an extra firm for the bottom layer, medium for the middle layer and soft for the top layer. The mattress is shipped to you and after sleeping on it a few nights you decide you would like it just a little firmer. No need to return the mattress. All you do is unzip the cover that your mattress is encased in and switch the top two layers around so you have the medium on top. Understand that placing the medium on top of the soft is going to give it a softer feel by virtue of its new placement.

Additionally, you may have the option also in configuring your mattress so that any one layer is split in two so that both partners have their choice of firmness. With these various options you can see that the mattress layers are there for you to arrange the best possible mattress suited just for you. And if all else fails and you think one layer just isn’t working in the configuration make sure you’re dealing with a company that has a generous trial and exchange policy in place. A latex mattress lasts twice as long as an innerspring mattress and unlike memory foam which is totally synthetic and just doesn’t have the properties of latex–you and your aching body will be really pleased with your latex mattress purchase.

Here’s to a better nights sleep for you!

We introduced our SELECT SLEEP line many years ago and we specialize in helping you select the right firmness among several layers to configure your perfect mattress!

For further information on latex mattresses please visit our website today http://www.sleepez.com. You’ll find a wealth of information on the different types of latex in our LATEX MATTRESS CONSUMER BUYING GUIDE. Sleep EZ is a third generation mattress manufacturer in business for 36 years. We introduced latex mattresses into our line 15 years ago because we realized all the benefits of latex. We offer a complete line of latex mattresses. See our Select Sleep line where we assist in your own custom configuration for your next mattress where you can select different firmnesses on the layers of your mattress. Additionally, we can make it a duplex mattress where you and your partner can select your individual preference of firmness. We are factory direct and that saves you money. Customer Service is our middle name.